"We are going to turn miles into smiles."

“Our return in investment will be the return of emotions.”

Dr. Carsten Breitfeld
Chairman of the Board / CEO & Co-Founder

Carsten is a world-renowned expert in electro mobility with a PhD in mechanical engineering. He spent the past 20 years at BMW, leading a range of key engineering divisions within chassis development, powertrain development and corporate strategy, for more than 10 years as a BMW Group Vice President.

In 2010, Carsten was named head of BMW’s i8 vehicle program, which gave birth to the game-changing i8 luxury plug-in hybrid model. His leadership and introduction of a revolutionary development process helped launch the BMW i8 successfully in merely 38 months. The model surpasses all vehicle standards in performance, materials used and efficiency of development, setting new benchmarks in the auto industry. Through his efforts, innovative sales and customer service techniques and systems have been established to market the BMW i8.

Carsten exudes a positive attitude and has a great passion for life, often displaying fearlessness when challenges arise. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, mountain climbing and cycling. He also likes arts, fine dining and good red wines. Carsten is married with two children.

"Passion is the only fuel that really moves."

“Our torque comes from our passion to go beyond expectations.”

Dr. Daniel Kirchert
President / COO & Co-Founder

Daniel is one of the most experienced executives in China’s premium auto industry, with extensive experience in marketing, sales, branding, business development and operations. He is widely regarded in the industry as a “China hand.”

Before joining Future Mobility, Daniel was managing director of Infiniti China and president of Dongfeng Infiniti Motor Co., Ltd. Prior to his extensive work at Infiniti, Daniel was senior vice president of sales and marketing at BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Through Daniel’s efforts at BMW Brilliance and Infiniti China, locally produced models for BMW and Infiniti hit record sales figures. He launched branding and marketing initiatives for each automaker that set industry benchmarks, including the brand gala in 2014 to unveil Infiniti’s “Gan Ai” slogan, and the sponsorship of famous reality show “Dad, where are you going”, which led the trend of car brands cooperation with TV reality shows. Daniel is also an expert in product strategy, dealership network development and joint venture operations.

Daniel is passionate about the Chinese culture and has been living in China for nearly two decades since he began studying Chinese at Nanjing University in 1998. He is a Chinese tea enthusiast and enjoys playing basketball. Daniel is married with two children.


Pheobe Li, Vice President Secretary of the Board

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"Our unity makes us unique."

“Unity is not about thinking the same way, but sharing the same spirit. Only together as a team can we turn our vision into reality.”

Paul Thomas
Vehicle Integration

Mr. Paul Thomas is an experienced mechanical engineering expert with more than 18 years of vehicle engineering experience in the world’s leading luxury car brands.

Paul started his career as a professional automotive mechanic that encompassed road cars and race car development. Following the completion of the mechanics training Paul returned to college to study for his engineering degree. On completion of the degree Paul joined Aston Martin in 1998 and began his career as a professional engineer, using his previous experience to give him a unique view on automotive design. He has spent 16 years at Aston Martin introducing and developing new technologies for its luxury sports cars, expanding the capability of its vehicles and improving the strength of the brand. He has worked on every model of the DB9, from the initial concepts to the current version that is still in the market.

Following Aston Martin, Paul was a senior engineering manager at Tesla Motors, where he has been involved in improving the Model S and the early design and development of the Model X since. In his management role, he worked on and supervised the design for every system in the Model X.

Paul is married with three children and enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bicycle, motorcycling and sailing.

"Innovation that change one life, changes the world."

“We measure innovation by how much positive change it creates in the lives of the users.”

Dr. Luca Delgrossi
Autonomous Driving

Dr. Luca Delgrossi, a PhD in Computer Science, is an Internet pioneer and world-renowned top expert on vehicular communications and autonomous driving.

Luca led the development of the first wireless radio designed to support safety message broadcasting among vehicles moving at high speeds, which evolved into the widely adopted IEEE 802.11p standard.

Luca started working on autonomous driving in the early stages. He contributed to the development of high-quality digital maps and new localization techniques to achieve cm-accurate positioning of autonomous cars on real roads.

Before joining Future Mobility, Luca was Senior Director Autonomous Driving U.S., at the Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America center in the Silicon Valley.

In his spare time, Luca travels with his family, plays friendly soccer games, and builds scale models of World War I aircrafts.

"Sometimes it’s the most reasonable thing to be crazy."

“The key to unlock your potential is to open your mind and challenge the status quo.”

Mark Duchesne

Mr. Mark Duchesne is an expert in automotive manufacturing with extensive experience in building top performing teams and facilities at globally leading traditional and electric carmakers.

Mark joined Tesla Motors in 2011 and led several of its manufacturing divisions. During his five years at Tesla, he was integral in assembling the automaker’s team of experts for new electric vehicle production, led the company’s strategy for its unique car production plant and established operations strategies for its new vehicle systems. He also guided the strategy, design and implementation of a $300 million manufacturing facility that featured a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly coating center.

His career began in 1989 at Toyota, where he started from the shop floor, then learned manufacturing process through the launch of four new manufacturing facilities around the world and was part of a team to establish the automaker’s first Lexus quality factory outside Japan.

Mark is married with three children. He loves spending time with his family and their activities. In his spare time, he participates in outdoor activities.

"The more you share, the more you get."

“We believe sharing is the most powerful source of growth. The more you share with the people – the more you will get back from them.”

Ding Qingfen
External Affairs

Ms. Ding Qingfen is a seasoned public relations manager with extensive media and auto industry experience as well as government network in China. She is in charge of Future Mobility Corporation’s public relations and government affairs.

Before joining Future Mobility, Ding was the general manager of public relations at Infiniti China, leading the premium automaker’s public communications strategies, media relations and corporate social responsibility affairs. She was integral to fashioning Infiniti’s public image in China as a sensible luxury auto brand through a series of corporate communications events, product launch campaigns and public event sponsorships, including the APEC summit, the China Development Forum, and strategic cooperation with the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. She also helped to develop the corporate social responsibility programs focusing on helping autistic children as well as left-behind children in China’s rural area, and create innovative new media and social media communication strategies for Infiniti China.

Prior to her work at Infiniti, Ding spent 10 years as a senior business reporter at China Daily, during which she developed a strong media network and an understanding of effective public and government communications. Her stories won first place for best Chinese journalism in 2009 and 2011, and she was one of seven reporters, as authorized by the Chinese State Council, to cover the Chinese premier.

Ding believes experience is invaluable in life and that a positive, hardworking attitude is vital in any occupation. She enjoys doing yoga and taking walks in her spare time. Ding is married with a son.

"The same old ways of thinking will only get the same old results."

“We strive to deliver solutions for our users that are free from complexity. For us, simplicity is more than just a buzzword. It’s a new way of thinking.”

Wolfram Luchner
User Interface & User Experience Design

Mr. Wolfram Luchner is an experienced car designer with 10 years of multinational experience working with premium brands including Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Cadillac.

Before joining FMC, Wolfram was a leading designer of Google X’s self-driving car project. Prior to that, he had worked for Daimler, Audi and General Motors as a senior designer, helping shape both cars powered by traditional internal combustion engines and concepts based on electric hybrid powertrains. Among his top achievements are the design development of the hybrid electric Audi e-tron Spyder concept car unveiled at 2010 Paris motor show, the Audi A3 Sportback production car, Audi R15 TDI LeMans and Audi TT RS production vehicle.

In his spare time, Wolfram enjoys travel and art. Frequent travel on a global scale gives him a unique experience to understand the world from a different point of view. Photography, architecture and music are the main sources of inspiration for his work as a designer. Wolfram is married.

"Courage means going for the YES when all the others are saying NO."

“Courage means leaving your comfort zone. Only then you will see how far you can go.”

Ray Huang
Strategy & Planning

Mr. Ray Huang is an experienced strategic development manager with strong global vision and expert knowledge of the Chinese market. He has been working with premium auto brands in China for nearly 10 years.

Before joining Future Mobility, Ray served as general manager of Infiniti China East Region, leading its sales, marketing and after-sales divisions. Under his leadership, the Infiniti China East Region had the highest sales volume for Infiniti China.

Prior to his work with Infiniti, he spent seven years at BMW in various positions, including in its sales strategy and network development divisions. He served as project leader of the BMW i network strategy in China and BMW Brand Experience Center and as a management associate for the BMW Group before transitioning into a marketing position at BMW AG and BMW NA, which provided him with his global business vision.

Ray graduated from Tongji University with a master’s degree in engineering.

"The future becomes accessible."

“When you create an excellent product, why limit it to only a few people and not make it accessible to a broad audience?”

Wang Yu
Director of Product Planning

Mr. Wang Yu is an experienced product planning manager in the Chinese premium auto industry with a strong background in both automotive engineering and product marketing.

Wang, who graduated from Tongji University with a masters degree in automotive engineering, joined BMW Chinas marketing department in 2006. Over the next eight years, he and his team helped spark rapid sales growth in the MINI throughout China by utilizing a well-managed product portfolio and sound marketing positioning.

With a deep understanding of the Chinese market, especially in regards to the younger generations of auto buyers, Wang was integral in the successful launch of the MINI China edition in 2011, which boosted the sales of the MINI and established its public image as a vibrant and inspiring premium brand in the Chinese market with its tailor-made product features that cater to Chinese consumers.

Wang is passionate and self-driven who has a strong sense of the can-do spirit. He is an avid fan of cars and also enjoys playing soccer in his spare time. Wang is married and has a child.

"Harmony in music is as important as harmony within a team. "

“As a musician I perfectly understand the idea of playing together. 
If you want to create something really big you need to be a professional team player.”

Dr. Dirk Abendroth
Powertrain, E/E & Connectivity

Dirk is a leading expert in the development of electrified powertrain systems whose innovations helped the BMW development team win three international “Engine of the Year Awards” in 2015 and the “Best Engine Award” at the Detroit Auto Show 2015.

Prior to joining Future Mobility, Dirk, who has a PhD in communication networks, spent the past 12 years at BMW developing hybrid and electrified powertrains. He was in charge of developing powertrains for the BMW i3 and i8, two groundbreaking electric vehicles that made their debuts in late 2013. Dirk was also manager of BMW Group’s Software Development and System Integration of Electrified Powertrain division. He currently holds nine international patents, is the author of 14 international conference papers and five international journals.

In his spare time, Dirk is a trumpeter in a large symphony orchestra in Munich, Germany. He is an avid participant in charity events and often plays at chamber music, symphony and film music concerts. He enjoys playing squash.


Dr. Martin Jäckel
Business Development & Strategy

Dr. Martin Jäckel is a veteran business development manager with rich experience at both globally leading consulting agencies and a premium auto brand.

Before joining Future Mobility, Martin, who has a PhD in strategic management, was the general manager of business development and strategy at Infiniti China. He helped to develop the strategy that supported Infiniti to become the fastest growing premium auto brand in China in 2014 and 2015. Prior to his work at Infiniti, Martin was project manager at Monitor Deloitte and the Monitor Group, where he supported numerous corporate strategy projects including the formation of a multibillion-dollar joint-venture for one of the world’s largest corporations and the post-merger-integration after a much acclaimed M&A deal in the chemical industry.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys diving, fishing and playing basketball. He is a die-hard fan of Borussia Dortmund, the legendary German football club in the Bundesliga. Martin is married and has a son.


Benoit Jacob

Mr. Benoit Jacob is one of the world’s most foremost car designers, wowing drivers worldwide with his unique designs over the last 20 years and garnering numerous awards from recognized institutions and media establishments, such as Red Dot, IF and Good Design, among many others.

Before joining Future Mobility, he served as BMW Group’s vice president of design. Among his many achievements for the German automaker, he is responsible for the BMW i design and is credited for the highly innovative i3 and i8 electric cars. He also led BMW Group’s advanced designs, outlined future projects for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands and headed the exterior design teams for several BMW models. He designed the BMW M1 Hommage concept car that was presented in 2008.

Benoit graduated from the Art Center College of Design Europe. In 1994, he began his career at Renault and was tasked with the exterior design of the Renault Sport Spider, the Renault Fiftie concept car, the Laguna 2 Salon and Estate and the Dacia Logan. In 2001, Benoit joined the Volkswagen Group in various international management positions to focus on advanced design.

The French native lives in Munich with his wife and son. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling as well as collecting and restoring classic sports cars.

"Embrace risk, break with precedents"

Matt Barter

Future Mobility’s first General Counsel, Mr. Matt Barter is responsible for advising company leadership and operational teams regarding all aspects of FMC’s business. Matt is also tasked with founding FMC’s global legal function. Under his leadership, the legal department’s principal mission is to be a business enabler while also protecting the company’s interests.

Matt is a genuine global lawyer. Through roles based in New York, Paris, Beijing and Hong Kong, he has extensive international experience in Technology and Consumer Goods. Prior to joining FMC, Matt was Associate General Counsel at Lenovo, leading the legal department for Lenovo’s PC business, as well as for its EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Matt’s expertise – as well as his professional inspiration – is particularly concentrated on innovative, nascent businesses.

In his spare time Matt enjoys a variety of sports, free-diving in particular.


Teresa Shi

Ms. Teresa Shi is a veteran financial expert with extensive experience overseeing funding and budgeting operations at a number of globally leading companies in a multitude of fields such as energy, mining and automotive industry.

Prior to joining Future Mobility, she was the finance director for Alta Devices, responsible for overseeing the company’s finances as well as funding and budgeting activities. Alta Devices is a U.S.-based solar developer acquired by Hanergy in 2014. When at Alta, she successfully conducted evaluation for six of Hanergy’s overseas entities to help Hanergy meet its financial goals in a timely manner. Prior to joining Alta Devices, she was an Asia regional controller at Lear Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of automotive seating and electrical distribution systems, where she managed the financial and accounting performances of several of the company’s manufacturing plants. Most notably, she helped one of Lear’s biggest manufacturing plants in North America significantly save on operation costs and meet profit targets with diligent financial analysis and strategic initiatives.

Teresa loves adventures, has a great passion for life and is willing to embrace changes and new directions. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, exercising and fashion. She is married with a daughter.

"If you believe you can do it – you can."

“Why just create something fundamentally new, if you can create something fundamentally better?”

Henrik Wenders

Mr. Henrik Wenders is a broad-minded marketing expert experienced in both, the creative area of brand management as well as the technical area of product management.

Henrik joined BMW in 2002 and successively managed numerous global car launch projects. Further, he was in charge of BMW’s International Advertising and Brand Management for the brands BMW and MINI in Europe.

He stepped into BMW’s i division in 2011 as Head of Product Management BMW i8. As Vice President of Product Management BMW i he took over the lead of BMW i’s Marketing and Sales Management from 2014. This laid the essential foundation for his passion and affinity for future-oriented technology and mobility.

From the beginning of his time at BMW, Henrik worked in international Senior Management functions. Over the past 14 years he has become a true Globalist who feels at home in the world. Henrik appreciates managing multi-national teams and enjoys cross-cultural work environments.

His interest in traveling and meeting new people nurtures his inspiration to focus his energies with meaningful intent striving for a healthy life balance in today’s fast-paced world.


Stephen Ivsan
CPO & Co-Founder

Mr. Stephen Ivsan is an expert in supply chain management with 22 years of experience in the automotive industry with a particular emphasis on electric vehicles.

Before joining Future Mobility, Steve was the Director of Vehicle Purchasing at Tesla Motors, where his leadership in supply chain was instrumental in the successful ramp up of the Model S and the development and launch of the Model X. Steve is an expert in overseeing the introduction and development of new, innovative suppliers as well as building high-caliber and diverse teams. Steve is a graduate of the University of Michigan (M Eng) and Kettering (BSME).

In his spare time, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, Susan, working on cars and being an ambassador for clean energy technologies such as solar power for residential homes.